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New culture and sports in the region

Answers to the question "What is e-sports?"

In June 2019, the SEGA SAMMY Group and the town of Shichigahama signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement (*) for local development, and began attempts to use entertainment to tackle various issues, including cultural activities, health promotion and community development. One of these is the 'e-sports project'.

The first step in the programme was on 20 March 2021. In order to understand e-sports, including its advantages and disadvantages, a lecture 'The current situation surrounding e-sports' was given by Mr Masahiro Takaya of the Sendai eSports Association. An exhibition match between the Mayor and a professional e-sports player was also held, as well as an online competition.

comprehensive cooperation agreement

Unlike agreements signed to implement individual projects, comprehensive cooperation agreements are agreements between operators with a track record of cooperative projects with municipalities and municipalities that express their willingness to cooperate with each other to solve diverse issues faced by municipalities and to continue to promote cooperative projects in a wide range of fields.

Bringing the city to life! The power of entertainment

At the Shichigahama Puyo Puyo eSports Parent-Child Classroom, held on 6 August 2022 and 10 June 2023, a mini-competition was held with e-sport players as guests, allowing children to experience the spectacular skills of national athletes. During the talk, parents and children listened to active players talk about their thoughts on the game and life.

The aim is to foster the highly entertaining sport of e-sports and to promote new local culture and sports in the Shichigahama Kokusaimura, a hub for cultural creation and dissemination, and will continue to offer a multifaceted approach to e-sports for a wide range of generations.