Shichigahama Arrow Programme

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Staying fit with sports darts,
Vibrant communities and community well-being

Shichigahama Arrow Programme

A project that works to 'extend healthy life expectancy and revitalise community and multi-generational exchange' is the Shichigahama Arrow Programme, which began in 2021 and utilises sports darts. Unlike other programmes in the Kokusaimura, this project is developed in collaboration with several sections in the town hall, including the central community centre, care prevention classes and after-school children's clubs.

[Event held at the International Village]

The interest of the people of Shichigahama in darts was further heightened by the large number of participants in the heated competition each time, and by the special event in 2023, when a professional darts player was invited as a guest to share his skills.

The Shichigahama Arrow Programme uses the health benefits of darts, a sport that can be continued throughout life (maintaining and improving calculation, concentration, persistence, communication and co-operation skills), to play a part in the welfare of the community.